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Career test


It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We say that completing this test will be not a step, but a leap towards career of your dream!

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Intelligences 8
Dominant types of intelligences 2-3

ISM‘s Career Test is based on Harvard University professor Howard Gardner’s Theory of multiple intelligences (MI). According to the researcher, each person possesses one of the eight distinct intelligences to a varying degree. In most cases, a person has 2-3 dominant types of intelligences.

This test is extremely valuable; it usually costs from 70 to 150 Eur. You are lucky as ISM gives you the opportunity to take this test free of charge!

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The results of this test will reveal which of your intelligences are most pronounced and what type of activity is best suited for you. This will help you:

Get to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses better
Understand which professional path would be most appropriate for you
Find out which skills to strengthen and which subjects to focus on
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It will take about 15 minutes
Please answer all the questions, please
You will see the test results on your computer screen and you will receive an e-mail with this information for future use

It is said that “Well begun is half done”. We are sure of your excellent beginning.

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It is said “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

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A person searches for answers all his/her life, and you only have a few questions ahead.

In a circle of friends, I can come up with a plan how to have fun without spending a lot of money.

I am good at organizing and managing teamwork, allocating tasks and controlling their execution.

I believe that it is possible to find a solution even in most difficult situations.

When I watch movies, I often remember music that is played in them.

I am great at communicating with people on any topic.

I can fit many objects of different shapes and sizes in drawers, boxes, suitcases without much effort.

When discussing or providing proof for something, I base my arguments on logical explanations, numbers, facts and data.

I am good at performing a piece music in a different style.

I really enjoy organizing various events and celebrations.

I am keen on helping people, even strangers.

I understand that someone else needs my help without being asked.

I usually achieve best results when participating in various sports activities.

I often watch documentaries about wildlife and animals.

When listening to music, I can tell how many and what instruments are played.

I am very good at analyzing facts and drawing logical conclusions or explanations.

I can easily recognize and describe my own and others' emotions and feelings.

It is important for me to use natural or organic products.

I am always among the first to be acquainted with new students at school.

In order not to miss or forget anything, I usually write down and take note of all my work.

I am very good at reconciling things that are often considered incompatible.

I often come up with all sorts of business ideas.

I like taking risks and make important risky decisions.

I am often approached by friends and relatives when they lack creative ideas.

I like to get involved or even initiate a discussion on psychological or philosophical topics.

I usually try to reply to emails as soon as possible because I cannot stand a messy mailbox.

When I have to make the right decision, I usually consider all pros and cons.

I find it difficult to say no to a person who asks for help.

Every time I want to buy a new item, I spend a lot of time analyzing the market, evaluating alternatives and negotiating.

The kind of music performed and the quality of its performance are very important to me.

When I get tired, sports or other physical activities help me to relax and regain my strength.

It is important to me to preserve natural resources.

I consider myself more creative than practical.

I like to improvise while singing or playing a musical instrument.

I always offer my help to a friend who faces difficulties in studies or cannot do a specific task.

I like challenges and opportunities to prove that nothing is impossible.

It is important to me to have a lot of plants in my living environment.

I often think about the meaning of life.

I really enjoy delving into the laws and issues of the natural sciences.

I often and willingly engage in sports and other physical activities.

I prefer activities and work outdoors.

I am good at understanding the wellbeing of other people.

I often praised for the ability to match colors and different materials.

Traditional ways and methods of doing things seem boring and uninteresting to me.

When I look at photographs, illustrations or pictures, I usually notice more details than my peers.

I try not to be late and I do not like when others are late.

When writing essays or preparing presentations, I can clearly express my opinion or tell a vivid story.

I can motivate people for specific tasks.

I like dealing with problems and come up with solutions in difficult situation.

I can repeat a melody that I heard long time ago from memory without any effort.

Friends call me the “soul” of the company of friends.

In my free time I really enjoy reading books that develop me as a personality.

When I travel, I usually plan my trip in detail.

I enjoy exploring cause-and-effect relationships in a variety of situations, events, or issues.

I like activities that require diligence, concentration and accuracy.

I enjoy camping, even if it lasts longer than three days.

I am bored with my daily routines.

I am able to view a problem from a different angle and often see opportunities where others see problems.

I dream of having my own business in the future.

I am good at learning foreign languages.

I usually have enough stamina and determination to pursue a goal even when I face hostility from those around me.

In an unfamiliar environment, it is me who usually starts a conversation with strangers.

I notice (as well as those around me) that when communicating with people, I move the whole body, for example, make gestures with hands.

I feel great in big groups of people.

I can communicate with new people with ease and appreciate their strengths and talents.

I enjoy reading books and articles about successful entrepreneurs.

When important decisions need to be made, I am usually guided by my mind rather than my emotions.

I often want to be engaged in sports or other physical activities.

It is important for me to take time to reflect on my own thoughts and feelings.

Music seems to affect my mood and energy levels.

I like to observe people and evaluate their behavior, to understand why they behave the way they do.

I often praised for being articulate and using rich and extensive vocabulary.

I can play at least one musical instrument.

I can evaluate an idea and creatively implement it.

I can be on my own and I like it.

I like to lead projects.

I am not disgusted at all when touching various insects, lizards and other creatures.

I easily find ways to use various objects for different purposes.

I often notice details of people’s clothing or interior.

I rarely get lost in unfamiliar places because I am good at remembering my way.

I can easily remember various quotes, lyrics and phrases.

I can plan my time.

I can easily come up with the right words when retelling or summarizing extensive texts in a concise and specific way.

I can tell simple stories in an interesting, unusual, or dramatic way.

I can explain things clearly and effectively.

I thrive on negotiating terms or price.

I achieve good results in new sport activities quite quickly, even if I have had little training.

I can persuade people to support an idea or project.

I like deep, meaningful songs, movies and books the most.

I am usually good at getting people feel at ease when communicating with me.

Friends often turn to me for help when in difficulty.

In my spare time, I often solve puzzles or play strategy games.

When I discuss or argue with friends, I rarely search for the right words to express an idea.

I can easily understand and achieve best results in those sports that require balance (e.g. cycling, scooter, snowboarding, or ice-skating).

I am comfortable when communicating with people, even strangers.

I try to help other people even if I am short of time.

I like solving math problems.

I am happy to volunteer in community or social organizations.

I enjoy creating and telling different stories.

I am very good at presenting information in tables, graphs or charts.

Even without much information, I can create a detailed, long and vivid story.

When I meet a new person, I always want to know as much as possible about him / her.

I am often praised for suggesting original ideas.

I do not like repetitive or routine work - I prefer trying new things.

I am good at drawing abstract, indescribable things (such as e.g. happiness).


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